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Thinkin' about you

Mise en musique en cours d'écriture.

I'm sitting down on the quay,
Staring at the horizon.
There's a cool wind skimming the sea,
Some seagulls are gliding on.

Lights of the land are twinkling
Far over the dark ocean,
Rocking waves seem to be singing ;
It's such a good sensation !

But I'm thinkin' about you…
Did you really have to go,
To go now ?
Yes, I'm thinkin' about you,
And I will do for always
Nights ans days.

I'm laying down the lighthouse,
Staring at the starry sky.
Silence of the night makes me drowse,
And seagulls only still fly.

I feel I'm goin' to fall asleep,
Though my eyes are open wide.
I keep my feelings for you deep
In my heart for they don't hide.

But I'm thinkin' about you…
I’ve been feeling such alone
Since you've gone !
Yes, I'm thinkin' about you,
Keeping a tear in my eye,
Not to cry.

Life didn't leave us time enough
For me to love you as I would.
Loneliness is a friend so tough,
That I would join you if I could !

So I'm thinkin' about you...
Do you think about me too ?
Sure you do !
Only thinkin' about you.
And I will do for ever,
However !

Frédéric NYEL © Lyrics 07.1998 & Music 08.2021

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